Love Just Gives (video)

Unity in Poetry!

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman, the Youth Poet Laureate of 2017, delivers a poem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

I Am Not Your Enemy

I am not your enemy, and you are not mine. I am a son, brother, husband, father, friend and neighbor. I believe in God, love my family and go to work each day. I am an American with a range of beliefs, thoughts and ideas, some of which you are aware, and others we have…

Man Shaves Girlfriend’s Head, Then His Own, in Show of Support

A touching viral TikTok has the internet applauding a man’s show of support and solidarity for his girlfriend who lives with alopecia.  “After months growing my hair for the first time in ten years, I had to ask my boyfriend to shave my head again,” Eva Barilaro of Monaco wrote in the TikTok caption. But…