How the ‘angel’ of the Reading Terminal is helping the homeless come inside

Breakfast by breakfast, coffee by coffee, the Terminal’s homeless outreach worker is building trust with the people who have nowhere else to go but Philadelphia’s iconic market. There’s John Silvetti, whom Giuliana calls her “paisan,” who makes his bed in the tunnel outside the Convention Center and spends mornings at a table by Beiler’s bakery….

Will Smith to Help Raise $50 Million to Fight Homelessness

Will Smith will read a bedtime story live on December 7th as a part of a fundraising initiative to help fight homelessness around the globe.  Smith has partnered with The World’s Big Sleep Out, a campaign that seeks to raise money to end homelessness and displacement around the world. The campaign encourages people around the…

San Francisco billionaire gives $30M to study homelessness

A San Francisco billionaire is donating $30 million to the University of California, San Francisco, to research root causes of homelessness and potential solutions. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, a city native, has embraced homelessness as a philanthropic cause, pumping millions into a 2018 city measure to tax wealthy companies to pay for homeless services. The…

Volunteers spread cheer to area homeless encampments

Marching through the woods clad in rain-drenched Santa hats Friday morning, the small crew from Southwestern Community Services embodied holiday spirit in the truest sense. Source: Volunteers spread cheer to area homeless encampments