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What is a From the Heart Project Story?

The From the Heart Project helps reflect the light of everyday people just like you to share their inspirational stories of leading, living and loving from the heart. The From the Heart Project is about sharing the common experience of our friends, families and neighbors who are making a difference in the lives of the people they interact with every day at work, in our communities and in our personal lives.

What are the categories for a From the Heart Project Story?

At Work

People go to work every day carrying the weight of life’s challenges. From a sick child to a dying parent, and everything in between, these personal struggles impact people on the job in a variety of different ways. Throughout all levels of an organization, our decisions affect the people with whom we spend so much time. From the benefits we provide to how we simply engage with each other on the job, the actions we choose can make a difference…positive or negative. Additionally, philanthropic efforts enable businesses to give back to the communities in which they serve, helping to positively impact the lives of their employees, customers, and those in need.

In Our Communities

Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, organizations in our communities work to make the world in which we live a far better place. From non-profits to churches, PTAs to youth sports leagues, our family, friends and neighbors volunteer their time, talent and treasure to improve each of our lives in a variety of ways. These are the stories of the people and organizations that are leading, living and loving from the heart.

In Our Personal Lives

These are the stories of perfectly imperfect people, who:

  • Care for a parent suffering from Alzheimer disease
  • Bring dinner to a neighbor whose spouse is ill
  • Care for a child with cerebral palsy
  • Coordinate a fundraiser for the neighborhood child battling cancer
  • Simply spend time with their family and friends and love them unconditionaly
  • Do so many things through love that most people never see, yet make such a difference in our everyday lives
  • And so many more…

These are the stories of individuals and groups that have made a difference by being there in someone’s time of need.

Where will my story be published?

On the From the Heart Project Website

Stories published on www.fromthehartproject.com will be featured on our home page and shared across social media. The story will have your byline and can have a link to your business or community organization affiliated with your story.

The From the Heart Project Book

We are collecting stories for the first volume of our From the Heart Project book, 99 +1 inspirational stories of everyday people leading, living and loving from the heart. If your story is selected to be part of this book, you will receive a complimentary copy once the book has been published. Additionally, 10% of profits from the book will be donated to the non-profit organizations chosen by story contributors like you.

Check out these guidelines for what makes a good From the Heart Project story.

By submitting your story to the From the Heart Project, you are granting us permission to publish your story and/or pictures on the site and share the story on social media.

For questions, please email us at yourstory@fromtheheartproject.com.