How To Be an Ambassador for Children’s Health

Though the traditional holiday season of giving has wrapped up, the new year presents a variety of opportunities for keeping that sentiment alive. In a recent Q&A with Children’s National Hospital, Brad Knox, senior vice president and counsel, Aflac Federal Relations, shared his thoughts on what it means to be an advocate for a cause…

New Rice Village coffee shop serves up inclusivity one cup at a time

The newest addition to the Bitty and Beau’s Coffee chain opened its doors in Rice Village on Jan. 14, almost seven years after the original shop’s opening in Wilmington, N.C. Founders Ben and Amy Wright named the business after their children Bitty and Beau, who both have Down syndrome. The franchise aims to empower and…

Developing a culture of arts philanthropy

Policy-makers need to shape their long-term investments to work with, and act as an incentive for, next generation philanthropy. Source: Developing a culture of arts philanthropy

Hamlin Charity Taps The Giving Back Fund as Donations Top $8M

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation has partnered with The Giving Back Fund, a national charity umbrella organization, to handle the deluge of donations raised in the wake of Hamlin’s on-field collapse Monday night. In an email to Sportico, Hamlin’s marketing representative, Jordon Rooney, said that the new Chasing M’s Foundation Charitable Fund…

Target delivers eggnog and hope for terminal cancer patient at the holidays

A terminal cancer patient and his Minneapolis family are feeling grateful as Target made sure he is fully stocked up on his favorite drink, eggnog, for the challenging weeks ahead, while the product disappears from store shelves. Source: Target delivers eggnog and hope for terminal cancer patient at the holidays