22 Who Made a Difference in 2022 

2022 was a year of cautious optimism in Rhode Island.

The state, and the world, began to reemerge in earnest following a difficult two years of the pandemic.

And while the virus is far from over, it is clear we are not going back to the way things “used to be.”

Those who have adapted, innovated, and persevered — and those who didn’t — made our list of 22 Who Made a Difference in 2022.

From outgoing hospital bosses to departing journalists, it is clear the “old ways” of doing things in healthcare and corporate media are unsustainable.

Those who have worked for decades in the state made a significant impact in 2022, with seasoned hospitality, tourism, and filmmaking professionals making the list for moving our economy — and confidence — forward.

And then there were the change agents — those who stood up against what are oftentimes entrenched powers in Rhode Island, to demand that action be taken.

From CEOs to MVPs, to small business owners and champions for the underserved, here is the full list of GoLocal’s 22 Who Made a Difference in 2022.

Source: GoLocalProv | News | 22 Who Made a Difference in 2022 – The Full List

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