‘Sky Soldiers’ march to donate toys in Italian communities

VICENZA, Italy — More than 30 paratroopers or “Sky Soldiers” from the 54th Brigade Engineer Battalion (BEB), 173rd Airborne Brigade loaded 140 toys in their ruck sacks and marched to their partnered towns of Camisano Vicentino and Quinto Vicentino on Dec. 15, bringing some holiday cheer and Sky Soldier culture to their communities.

Airborne units across the U.S. Army annually hold an event known as “Toy Drop” around the holiday season, which typically consists of paratroopers donating toys to a community or an orphanage. Some units exchange the toy for a chance to earn foreign parachutist wings.

U.S Army Garrison Italy is currently fielding a Community Alliance Program, or CAP, to engage with the Italian communities to increase awareness and appreciation for the surrounding areas, promote the U.S. military’s mission in a positive manner and foster a strong relationship and sense of common purpose within the surrounding areas.

Source: ‘Sky Soldiers’ march to donate toys in Italian communities

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