Gloucester man gives up full-time job to feed the hungry

Hash Norat is helping rough sleepers and people hit by the rising cost of living.

A man who quit his full-time job at Unilever two months ago to provide hot meals to hungry people is already helping 250 people a day.

Hash Norat’s Feed the Hungry cafe in Gloucester has no set prices, so people pay what they can to keep it going.

The cafe is centred around the premise that anyone can come in and have a meal, regardless of their circumstance.

“I think this is one of the most important projects in Gloucestershire right now,” Mr Norat said.

“In the worst possible weather – with torrential rain and high winds – we had 40 people queuing 40 minutes before we even opened our doors.”

‘Never been happier’

The cafe also provides a warm space and keeps reserves of PPE, shoes, period products, nappies and clothes for people who need them.

Mr Norat, a former manager, said the cafe relied on public donations to operate with monthly overheads of £3,000.

“The first weeks at the cafe have been extremely busy, emotional and stressful, but I’ve never been happier,” he added.

Source: Gloucester man gives up full-time job to feed the hungry

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