Meet the young couple who’ve opened their door to the homeless

Toni and Nick Baier open their home to people experiencing homelessness. And they do this with four little kids in tow!

When I first met my friend Toni Baier, she mentioned the “guest” in her home. I assumed she had a relative staying with her, but after I asked her about it, I found out it was something else entirely. And I was absolutely blown away.

Toni and her husband, Nick Baier, do something really extraordinary. They have opened up their home as a Catholic Worker House, called Sacred Tent, where they offer a place to live and a loving family environment for people experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. And they do this with four (almost five) little children in tow!

Naturally, I had lots of questions for them. And I had the chance to ask Toni about her ministry with Catholic Worker, how she got started, and what it’s like to house a person fighting homelessness. Here’s what she shared with me.

Please tell me a little about you and your husband and your backgrounds related to your ministry with Sacred Tent.

My husband and I started hosting those that are in between housing about 4 years ago. We have helped 12 people successfully get out of homelessness since then.

My husband works a normal Monday through Friday, 40-hour-a-week job, and I quit nursing to pursue this ministry and stay home with our 4, almost 5, little ones.

Source: Meet the young couple who’ve opened their door to the homeless

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