How the documentary ‘Because of Sam’ changed workplace inclusiveness

Since the movie’s release, they’ve turned Because of Sam into a training program for organizations that interact with customers with disabilities and who want to make their workplaces more inclusive.

Sam Piazza is an employer’s dream. He works hard. He’s friendly. And he’s improved the environment at the restaurant where he works. Now, a documentary about his life has inspired a new training program for Florida workplaces.

Sam Piazza loves to socialize, even during work. He wipes down tables and empties the trash while greeting the regulars at a PDQ restaurant in Tampa, chatting them up.

The restaurant managers who work with him say he has made a real difference in their business environment. They refer to him as their image and brand ambassador. It doesn’t matter that Piazza has Down syndrome. He’s never let it hold him back or stifle his spirit. He was homecoming king at his high school, a manager for the basketball team and member of the ROTC and was an ambassador for the school’s Best Buddies program.

Source: How the documentary ‘Because of Sam’ changed workplace inclusiveness

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