Good Morning Angels: ‘The Angel of Wolmer’ gets support to help others in need

BACKGROUND: Vitesh Hurinanthan lives in Wolmer in Pretoria-North with his son and family. He has not had formal employment for a while. Despite his own financial shortcomings, Vitesh is a community man and humanitarian. He has taken it upon himself to help the hungry in this very poor community by cooking a meal for at least 600 people every Saturday. Come rain, cold or blistering heat, the people in the area have come to depend on Vitesh and his cooking, to provide often their only hot, nutritious meal of the week.

His feeding scheme is funded by himself, family, friends, and donations. Besides looking after the needy people in the area, Vitesh also cares for eight shelter dogs at home. And still, Vitesh wants to do more to improve the lives of those who are struggling – but his resources are stretched to the limit. That’s why his friend, Krishnee, reached out to Good Morning Angels for assistance.

Source: Good Morning Angels: ‘The Angel of Wolmer’ gets support to help others in need

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