Helping others with one-handed life hacks

Chiara Beer makes videos to help people who, like her, have to carry out tasks with one hand.

Chiara Beer used to hide her disabled right arm behind her back, afraid of receiving negative comments. But a brave decision one day inspired her to share her experience with the world and use it to help others too.

Chiara suffered a stroke aged two, leading to her developing dyslexia, the muscle disorder dystonia, and hemiplegia – a condition that causes weakness down her right side.

She would hide her disabled arm, afraid of receiving negative and hateful comments.

“It’s OK to be different. My struggle was always that I looked different, which was quite a hard thing to deal with,” she says.

But a photo – one she hadn’t intended to upload at first because it showed her arm – started a journey towards her becoming a YouTuber and Instagram Reeler.

“I really liked the picture and couldn’t redo it [to hide the arm]. So I thought ‘let’s post it’,” Chiara tells BBC Newsbeat.

Source: Helping others with one-handed life hacks

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