Cape mother turns grief into kindness via non-profit foundation

A Cape Cod mother who lost her son in 2020 started a non-profit foundation to keep her son’s memory alive by spreading kindness.

In February 2020, Chase Soares, a 23-year-old from Falmouth, died in a tragic car accident. Soares was a son, a friend, and a passionate basketball player. He was also the first-born of his mother, Brooke DeBarros, and her pride and joy.

To deal with the grief of her son’s death, and to keep his memory alive, DeBarros created the Team Chase Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to spread kindness through random acts, such as buying someone a meal, or helping a friend.

“The only thing that really helps me is helping other people in memory of my son,” DeBarros said.

Kindness Ball Tour

After launching in May, DeBarros and the rest of Team Chase traveled from the Cape to Atlanta, , Chase’s birthplace, spreading acts of kindness along the way. They rode in the Team Chase van, a bright orange vehicle with Chase’s picture on it as well as the Team Chase logo.

Along the route to Georgia, Team Chase stopped in states along the way and committed acts of kindness, such as giving out gift cards, paying for meals, and even handing out flowers.

Source: Cape mother turns grief into kindness via non-profit foundation

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