Western NY nonprofit working to save abused, neglected dogs

Puppy Mill Rescue Team is holding a shoe donation drive.

Puppy Mill Rescue Team is dedicated to saving abused and neglected pups. The nonprofit needs your help to keep its dog-saving mission going. There’s a shoe donation drive happening to raise some money.

Whitney is a 4-year-old Frenchie that was rescued from a puppy mill. She’s in need of a new home. Volunteers at Puppy Mill Rescue Team work with other dog rescue groups to locate, transport, rehabilitate and foster dogs like Whitney. They rescue 20 to 40 dogs every two weeks.

“Our main mission is to get dogs that puppy mills no longer want because they can’t breed them anymore or they can’t sell them or were born with a birth defect. We network with rescues from Ohio all the way through New York state and we make sure that all of the dogs get in foster homes and find a forever home,” said Jessica Ziomek from Puppy Mill Rescue.

The team relies on community donations to continue to help these dogs. A new fundraising effort can turn your gently used shoes into cash.

Source: Western NY nonprofit working to save abused, neglected dogs

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