Daughters Day reminds me how National Charity League promotes mother-daughter bonds

The National Charity League helps promote positive relations between mothers and daughters. There are 3 local chapters.

Although I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl 18 years ago, we have never celebrated National Daughters Day. However, this September, when I received a reminder about National Daughters Day from the National Charity League, I marked Sept. 25 on my calendar. Now that my daughter has moved to college, I’m on the lookout for reasons to connect with her. Yes! I have a college freshman. It’s something that I never thought about “having,” like a woman thinks about “having a baby!” It just happens. One day, I was cradling a newborn with soft skin, chubby cheeks and the biggest blue eyes… and within what felt like a blink, I was helping her find the best shower caddy and wondering if I should have included cough medicine in the first aid kit I packed.

The psychology of mother-daughter relationships has always intrigued me. After all, women are the primary caretakers and educators of the world, so it is vital that societies honor and nurture this intergenerational connection that influences cultures, rituals and rites of passage. When my daughter was born, one of the main things I worried about was cultivating and protecting this sacred bond.

It’s no surprise that when I first learned about the National Charity League, when my daughter was only a baby, I was immediately excited about its mission:  fostering the mother-daughter relationship through an ongoing commitment to philanthropy, culture and leadership. Originally formed in Los Angeles in 1947, NCL has 295 chapters throughout the country with three chapters in our area — Palm Springs, Desert Cities and Coachella Valley.

Source: Daughters Day reminds me how National Charity League promotes mother-daughter bonds

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