Butte cheerleader with disability shows greater ability

Along with cheer on her high school sports programs, Hanna was recently voted by her classmates to be on the school’s homecoming court.

BUTTE — Medical journals may list Down syndrome as a disability, but for those that know Hanna, a very special Butte cheerleader, they’d say it’s a gift.

“It’s not a disability, it’s an ability. I think we should all have Down syndrome. Seriously, the love that she can give to somebody is amazing. I mean, if we all looked at the world like somebody with Down syndrome it would be an amazing place,” said Hanna’s mother Dolly DeMessemaker.

Hanna’s cheer coach has seen her develop since she joined the cheer team as a freshman.

“She’s amazing, I mean, she’s incredible. She’s taught more to this team than that the team could ever teach her,” said her Cheer Coach Holly Carpenter.

Source: Butte cheerleader with disability shows greater ability

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