Helping others by sharing the personal experience of MS

  • The Australian MS Longitudinal Study has been critical to understanding the needs of people with MS in Australia.
  • The latest studies have provided diverse data, including the importance of MS Nurses, exercise for people with MS living remotely, the effect of MS medications on COVID-19 severity and the psychosocial impacts of MS in the workplace.
  • We are seeking new participants, especially for our current and upcoming studies on self-concept in MS and the health economic impacts of this chronic disease.

MS is a chronic disease that can impact life in many and sometimes unexpected ways. To provide the best holistic support for people living with MS, their families and carers, we need real-life data about this impact.

The Australian MS Longitudinal Study (AMSLS) is an ongoing survey-based study funded by MS Australia that has been running for 20 years.

Each year, around 2500 people with MS in Australia tell us about how they are living with MS and what they need to help live with it better.

The topics are diverse, from poor sleep in MS and the benefits of MS Nurse care to associations of particular MS medications with COVID-19 severity and self-reported health and employment outcomes.

Source: Helping others by sharing the personal experience of MS – MS Australia

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