‘Amazing’: Teen with Down syndrome becomes runway role model

With ties to Chatham, a Toronto girl born with Down syndrome is continuing to be a role model for those chasing their dreams.

And after recently taking to the runway at two major fashion markets in Canada and the United States, she’s showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Monika Myers, 14, took part in the Primark New York City Fashion Week runway show, as well as Toronto Kids Fashion Week.

“It feels really great and amazing,” she told Postmedia in an email. “I really loved New York. I enjoyed all the beautiful buildings, restaurants and taxis. I enjoyed meeting so many people. And of course the modelling was amazing.”

Monika always has had a love for fashion, often dressing up and posing for photos. She has been inspired by several famous models with Down syndrome, including Madeline Stuart and Ellie Goldstein, who is a Gucci model.

Her mother, Stephanie Myers, who hails from Chatham, said they we were watching a movie one day, when Monika said: “Oh, she is beautiful,” about an actor.

Source: ‘Amazing’: Teen with Down syndrome becomes runway role model

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