Step Up 4 Down Syndrome ‘so much more than a walk’

The Down Syndrome Association of SW Louisiana will be celebrating 20 years of incredible growth in the support of people with Down syndrome across the nation and at home with its 20th annual Step Up 4 Down Syndrome Walk at the Lake Charles Civic Center Amphitheater on Sept. 24.

The past two decades have seen monumental changes and improvements in the lives of people with Down syndrome.

In the U.S., the life expectancy for an individual with Down syndrome has more than doubled, from an average of 25 to now 60 years today.

People with Down syndrome are now eligible for organ transplants and in 2001, the American Academy of Pediatrics released the first health guidelines for adults with Down syndrome.

As they enjoy happier and healthier lives, people with Down syndrome are now able to explore their full potential in a more inclusive society; they are going to college. Local universities including McNeese State University now offer programs specifically aimed at furthering the education and teaching valuable life skills to people with Down syndrome to help them enjoy an inclusive life that previous generations could never have imagined.

Source: Step Up 4 Down Syndrome ‘so much more than a walk’ – American Press

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