Area retiree finds volunteering ‘extremely fulfilling’

For Jean Barnes, volunteering isn’t just about “keeping busy” — it’s about staying involved in the organizations and projects she loves and continuing to contribute to the community.

Barnes retired at 62, having tapered her consulting job to part-time before she stopped. Even before that, she had already started volunteering. Within six months of her retirement, she began looking for a meaningful volunteer job where she could use her computer skills.

“I started in the (Florida Botanical) Gardens but found an opportunity in admin working with the head of the foundation, Chuck Scafiddi, who was the volunteer recruiter,” Barnes said. “He was an inspirational leader and a terrific manager. He retired from NASA and had many stories to tell about his years there.”

Barnes is very specific when talking about what attracted her to volunteerism.

“I had had a very successful career in computers working with some of the biggest companies at a time when personal computers were being developed,” she explained. “I thought it was my obligation to pay back for my fortunate career by helping others, many who had not had the same opportunities.”

That calling began even before retirement for Barnes.

Source: Area retiree finds volunteering ‘extremely fulfilling’

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