A Boulder nonprofit is ‘changing homelessness because it changed us’

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BOULDER, Colo. — At Feet Forward, the motto is always ‘changing homelessness because it changed us.’

Every Tuesday, the nonprofit organizes in Boulder’s Central Park bandshell to provide outreach for people who need it the most in Boulder County — those experiencing homelessness.

“This is one of the only welcoming spaces that people experiencing homeless in Boulder actually have. We’ve been in this park for three years every week in the worst weather,” explained founder Jen Livovich.

Livovich started Feet Forward in 2020 when she decided to give socks to people when the weather turned cold, and her desire to help comes from her own lived experience.

“I’m a big believer in not forgetting where you came from, but also while I was out here passing out socks literally no one was coming. This park has been here since the beginning of time and it’s centralized. It’s a significant place for people experiencing homelessness. They set up memorials every single year here. No one was meeting people where they were at,” she added.

Source: A Boulder nonprofit is ‘changing homelessness because it changed us’

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