City murals tell stories of growth, love and renewal

Winnipeg artists are bringing life and colour to the city with large murals for the West End Biz’s Renewal Art Project.

Beginning earlier this month, artists of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds have come together to create 12 vibrant monuments in the west end of Winnipeg, 943 portage Avenue, where onlookers can determine the meaning.

“It’s in partnership with the West End Biz and City Councillor, Cindy Gilroy, and together we worked on applying for a grant,” says Project Creator, Mandy Van Leeuwen, when asked how the Renewal Art Project was created. “When we got close to succeeding in the grant, we knew that this could be a reality and so we began working on a vision for this project and they asked me to take that part on.

Van Leeuwen was in charge of finding artists to create these murals and chose artists she knew of and others who she has not heard of.

“In creating the vision for the project, they asked me to come up with who should be taking part in it. So, for a long time, I’ve been admiring almost everyone here, I have learned a few new ones since taking on this project. It’s such a natural process of who could come and be part of this and that we could be as diverse as possible and so I sent out an invitation to everyone to come and do their own reflection of what renewed looks like to them.”

The Art Renewal Project is not just an opportunity for local artists to portray their talents. Van Leeuwen also believes that it allows the public to come together and enjoy the creativity Winnipeg has to offer.

Source: City murals tell stories of growth, love and renewal

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