Widespread Collaboration Will Make The World A Better Place

For motivated businesses, collaboration isn’t only a great way to make more money, it’s an awesome way to help make the world a better place.

If you’ve spent time reading my writing, you know that I’m a major proponent of collaboration in the business world. Collaborative efforts don’t just have the potential to help companies resolve supply chain issues and eliminate information silos within the organization, widespread collaboration actually has the potential to make the world a better place.

This goes beyond simply improving your company’s bottom line. Widespread collaboration both within your organization and with others can help generate lasting change that improves quality of life for countless people.

Perhaps the most obvious way that widespread collaboration can make the world a better place is in how collaborative efforts can give a tremendous boost to charitable humanitarian work.

A great example of this comes from a recent conversation I had with Darin Mangum, CEO of ZuLoo, Inc., a benefit corporation dedicated to universal access to toilets, hygiene, clean water and sanitation through the power of social enterprise. ZuLoo helps bring toilets to the over two billion people worldwide who don’t have access to clean and safe sanitation.

Source: Widespread Collaboration Will Make The World A Better Place

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