330 miles = $30,000 for breast cancer research

Caledonia — Sitting at their table at a local party store and deli, Kraft Meadows Intermediate sixth-grade teacher Becky Bravata caught up with friends Lieschen Jacobs and Liz Burnis.

“I feel great,” Bravata said. “I went for a five-mile run this morning.”

“No, you did not!” Burnis exclaimed. “This gal is nuts.”

A morning run wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Bravata, but these three avid runners were only home a few days after running over 330 miles the week prior.

In the first-ever Border to Bridge Run, Bravata, Jacobs and Burnis ran across Michigan’s Lower Peninsula from the Indiana border to the Mackinac Bridge over eight days and raised funds for breast cancer research through the Van Andel Institute.

“People thought we were crazy, but we had lots of people behind us, supporting us, and the community really got involved,” Bravata said.

Source: 330 miles = $30,000 for breast cancer research

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