‘Nicole had a special love’

A Laredoan whose battle with leukemia garnered national attention when she was 14 years old for being bullied has died.

Nicole Lauren Pfister, 21, passed away on July 29. She started battling leukemia when she was 13 years old. She went into remission after a three-year battle only to continue her fight about five years later, according to the Team Nicole Facebook page.

She will be remembered as an honest friend, a special partner, a wonderful mother, and a loving daughter.

“We will remember Nicole for her beautiful perspective on life, growing faith, laughter, eternal smile, will to fight, quirky sayings, and selflessness when it came to the ones she loved,” her obit states. “Nicole had a special love for her family and friends, especially for her daughter Luna.”

Her obit further states, “Her story in ‘Team Nicole’ touched the lives of thousands of people around the world. Nicole was able to experience finding true love with her partner Ian, being a mother to Luna whom she lived and fought for, and embrace the love of all her family and friends. Nicole was and is still truly loved and will forever be missed and will forever live in our hearts and memories.”

Source: Nicole had a special love…

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