Volunteers help socialize Virginia rescued beagles with baths, movies

The pups got their first-ever baths and some movie time with Homeward Trails volunteers.

FAIRFAX, Va. — Sixteen of the 4,000 beagles rescued from a Cumberland, Virginia, laboratory got a unique opportunity to relax with some volunteers from rescue group Homeward Trails.

Over the weekend, the group hosted what they called a Suds and Netflix night for the newly arrived pups. After getting their first-ever baths, the dogs watched some movies.

Staff at Homeward Trails are working to socialize the dogs and prepare them for getting adopted in the future.

On Monday, Homeward Trails Executive Director Sue Belle said the dogs will get spayed and neutered and get some dental work done.

Homeward Trails says their goal is to get the beagles into a home environment as quickly as possible, since up to this point, they haven’t known what it’s like to have a loving family.

The rescue group took 100 of the dogs to the Richmond area for fostering and adoption. They brought 16 adult beagles and eight puppies to our area.

Homeward Trails and other animal rescue groups from around the country have been working to find homes for the thousands of beagles that were found at a breeding and research facility allegedly mistreating its animals earlier this year.

Source: Volunteers help socialize Virginia rescued beagles with baths, movies

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