The four Ms of good social business management

VIDEO & PODCAST: In this first episode of our new series on running a fit social business, Pioneers Post host Tim West quizzes social entrepreneur Louisa Ziane of Toast Ale and expert Eddie Finch from Buzzacott accountants on four key ‘Ms’ to get right.

Running a business is a hugely demanding task – make it a social business and not only do you need to stay strong and sustainable from a financial perspective, but you have to deliver on your mission too.

For the person or people leading that social venture – whether you are the CEO, the management team or the founding social entrepreneur – the pressure you are under can be huge because the wellbeing not just of your team but of your local community and often many thousands of beneficiaries can depend on how effectively you do your job.

And then there are all the operational issues: during the pandemic Toast Ale co-founder Louisa Ziane was confronted with a whole new selection of these, from the mental health challenges of her team to shortages of ingredients, cardboard, aluminium cans and CO2 gas in their supply chain.

In this series of Fit for the Future videocasts and podcasts, Pioneers Post has paired up with Buzzacott accountants to explore these challenges in candid discussions with social entrepreneurs who are dealing with them every day.

Source: The four Ms of good social business management

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