Schoolgirl’s head shave for her brother and his best friend

A 13-year-old Haverfordwest girl will be shaving off her trademark French plait this week after watching her little brother and his best friend…

“This is how I’ve always been identified,” laughs Summer. “The one with the super long hair.

“But now it’s time for somebody else to have the choice of having long hair too, and the reason is simple. It’s because of my brother and his best friend.”

Summer’s six-year-old brother, Joe, has suffered ill health throughout his life. As a very small baby, his failure to thrive led to a series of intensive tests at the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital and as a result he was found to have liver and lung problems as well as many allergies.

“And then there’s Marshall, Joe’s best friend,” continues Summer.

“When he was three he was diagnosed with leukaemia and has spent even more time than Joe in Noah’s Ark with many stays and day visits.

The covid pandemic has been a particularly difficult time for the families as both boys were placed in the shielded category, Joe because of his lung condition and Marshall because he was immunosuppressed and the families still have to be very careful on a day-to-day basis.

Source: Schoolgirl’s head shave for her brother and his best friend

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