Restaurant manager shares kindness, pizza, with Boulder homeless

When a Gunbarrel restaurant employee heard about a Boulder nonprofit’s need for a hot lunch to feed the homeless, she stepped up to fill their plates.

Domino’s Assistant General Manager Amanee Howard paid $301 out of her own pocket and made and boxed roughly 25 pizzas that would feed those experiencing homelessness through a Feet Forward lunch on Tuesday.

The act of kindness came after Shawn Camden, founder of Sancho’s Mexican Restaurant, found out Monday that staffing and supply shortages would prevent the business from providing its regular “Taco Tuesday” to Feet Forward — a meal the restaurant has provided once a month since January of last year.

Hopeful that he could find an alternative, Camden gave the Domino’s Pizza, two doors down from Sancho’s a call on Monday. He explained what the pizzas were for and asked if the restaurant might be able to offer a discount. When Howard heard why Camden was calling, she immediately agreed to help with the order the following day.

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