A Mother’s Love

A story from volunteering at the McAllen Catholic Charities Respite Center

It is 10 a.m. on Christmas Eve 2021 in the Downtown District of McAllen, Texas. Like many areas around the city, garage and street parking is at capacity with last-minute Christmas shoppers from within the city, neighboring towns and Mexico, a distinction that is noticeable by the large number of license plates with the Mexican flag.

Meanwhile, those who have managed to find a parking space are greeted by businesses selling toys, piñatas, clothing, quinceñera dresses and jewelry — all at discounted prices, according to several signs displayed in English and Spanish at the entrance of several establishments.

The Downtown District also has a four-story parking garage that is attached to a large indoor and outdoor food court with multiple eateries offering American and Mexican food to shoppers taking a break from all the last-minute shopping. Most of the shoppers’ appearances seem to be well-maintained even by those who look exhausted by the multiple items that they are carrying as they take a break at the food court, which is overflowing with customers.

In between the Christmas shoppers and businesses sits a block of McAllen Downtown operated by the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) for newly-arrived migrants. ..

Source: A Mother’s Love

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