Speaking out: The power of giving hearts

I’ve had wandering thoughts lately about what the world could be like if we prioritized different things. For example, what if it was a given that when you grow up, you adopt a child that needs you? What if we all prayed our children would grow up to serve those with disabilities? What if the millionaires and billionaires were teachers? How would a shift like that change the world?

What I’m describing would truly flip reality on its head. Everything down to details like the rationale used to market products would change. When we think about flipping reality on its head, it can be confusing and challenging to wade through. We get more focused on the reasons it can’t work rather than exploring the possibility that it can. And it can. I know this because there are already examples. Case in point: Giving Hearts Day.

Giving Hearts Day shouldn’t work, right? Nonprofits that have small budgets and small staffs and enormous societal challenges to solve shouldn’t want to spend time helping other nonprofits raise money. They should be worrying about themselves. Yet here we are 15 years and $112 million later, and it is working.

Source: Speaking out: The power of giving hearts

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