Police officer, store manager team up to help homeless

As Patrolman Molly Johns canvassed the Poplar Bluff community in drizzling snow, she witnessed within five to 10 minutes two homeless men walking the streets.

Johns felt she needed to take action, so she pulled up to the Dollar General Store on Highway 53 to buy blankets.

“I saw two different guys within five or 10 minutes that were walking down the street and freezing their tails off, it was super cold,” Johns said. “It tugged on my heartstrings. It made me think, I’ve got a little extra money and the Dollar General usually has some blankets you can get for a reasonable price. I figured if I can get 20 or so blankets, or however many I could give to the homeless to give them a barrier to the cold wind.”

While Johns was looking at the blankets, “an employee asked if I needed any help and I told her, ‘I’m buying blankets. It’s pretty cold outside and we’ve got some homeless people that need them.’..”

Source: Police officer, store manager team up to help homeless

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