Lakeside 19-year-old with autism runs 100-mile race

When January 15th came around, Zach was ready. He stood at the starting line of the Coldwater Rumble 100 Mile race, surrounded by 99 other ultra runners, and he was

Find your passion. We’ve all heard that, and it sounds simple. But where do we find it? If you’re 19-year-old Zachary Bates, you go outside the box.

“I remember one time he was telling me, ‘I don’t need to drugs,’ Zach’s mom, Rana Bates, says while laughing. “‘Running is my drug.'”

Zach’s dad, Brian Bates, says, “He just loves running. Whenever he’s running, he’s happy.”

Diagnosed with autism at four years old, seemingly impossible accomplishments have always attracted Zach. He pored over Guinness World Records books when he was little and continues to memorize the distances and times run by the best runners in the world.

Source: Lakeside 19-year-old with autism runs 100-mile race

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