QB1 Charity Challenge: Final Update!

September 1, 2020 was the roughest day of my life. I received a call from my father’s care taker that he was unresponsive to the paramedics efforts and he was gone.

Losing a parent is something you can’t prepare for, even if you feel you tried, you can’t ready yourself for those emotions until they surround you.

When you lose both your parents, and I had already lost my mother 3 years prior, you feel like an orphan, even if you are in your 40s.

Over the next several months I reflected on my father’s life and my relationship with him, and one thing that always stood out to me is that, no matter how busy his schedule was, he always found time to continue his volunteer work with the Shriners Children’s Hospital, where he served on the board for years and is honored on what is basically their wall of fame…

Source: QB1 Charity Challenge: Final Update!

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