We are in pain. Now Imagine…

As you are probably already aware, we are in pain. A world in chaos, where each new day brings another symptom of our societal ills.

Over the years, I have experienced my fair share of it. But because of that pain, I have changed, for the better, or at least I hope I have. So with those experiences in the past and hopeful for the future, I just wanted to share with you some of my thoughts… 

Part of life is pain and suffering, but there is also much joy to be found.

Each of us has our own pain and scars from living, yet when we see someone else suffering, why do we often times turn away or do things to make that person’s suffering worse.

Imagine if we looked at people with love, regardless of our own perspective or what they have done. Not easy sometimes, I know, as we allow so many things in life to get in the way of loving people. Politics. Religion. Borders. Race. Sexuality. Age. Culture. And on and on. 

But what if we focused on loving people every single day. Regardless of whether we think they deserve it or not. Through all of their mistakes. With all of their faults. Are we capable of simply loving people and trusting in that love to make a difference? Let’s imagine what this love might look like…

Imagine if instead of kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes; when he cried out, “I can’t breathe”, if Chauvin had helped George breathe again.

Imagine if the protester screaming in the officer’s face looked beyond the badge and saw a loving husband, father and friend.

Imagine if we looked at the elderly as wise instead of a burden.

Imagine if we saw a struggling single mom as a hero who needed help rather than a drain on our social system.

Imagine all the people you will see and interact with today and the difference you could make by simply loving them.

Imagine if we looked in the mirror each morning and chose to love the person we saw, regardless of the past and all that we know.

I am by no means perfect, and there have been times in my life when I have not loved the way I should. That has hurt people, including those that I truly love. But I try to do better everyday, and when I pray, I always end with the following:

“And I ask that You help me close my eyes and open my heart so that I might see and love people the way You do. Amen.

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