COVID-19 Challenge: Help Others Today (and You Just Might Help Yourself in the Process)

With so many changes happening in the world, our isolation can create a secondary illness that can infect us in ways we never imagined. Given the current circumstances, it is all too easy to think of ourselves without considering the well-being of others.

There has been tremendous sacrifice to close down much of our daily lives in order to help flatten the curve and ultimately save lives. This has been a remarkable example of humanity and what people are capable of when faced with a potential catastrophe. However, with more that 16 million people in the United States recently unemployed, countless families going hungry and without basic living necessities, families mourning the passing of loved ones from Coronavirus, those living alone in isolation, and so many more difficult situations that our family, friends and neighbors are enduring, now is not the time to be complacent, but to act.

In times like these, one of the best things we can do is to focus on the needs of others. To reach out and lend a “virtual” helping hand to lift up those in need. Here are just a few ideas for the COVID-19 Challenge:

  • Check-in on an elderly neighbor
  • Donate to a food pantry
  • Buy a struggling family dinner
  • Have a virtual chat with a lonely friend
  • Buy groceries for the person in front of you
  • Donate to a local charity
  • Play a game with your child
  • Have a pizza delivered to a friend
  • Pray for someone in need
  • Send a virtual hug
  • Buy a gift card for a local business to use later
  • And so many more opportunities to help those in need…

The time is now to think and do for others. And as we know, doing for others can often lift our own spirits and help us realize what is truly important in life.

So let’s get moving to help those in need this Easter…and everyday ahead.

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