Holiday Darkness? Be a Light!

Have you ever experienced the darkness? That place so dark that you can’t find your way out.  Where you look for any sign of light, but continue to fall deeper and deeper into its depths. Then you see that small glimmer of light spark in the distance, and you start the long, slow slog towards the light. With each struggling motion forward, you fight the tides to get closer and closer to the light, until you are finally able to breakthrough and feel the warm light penetrate your very soul and lift the burden from your tired shoulders.

I believe each of us have faced the darkness to varying degrees. Some are able to rather easily turn from the darkness, while others, based on nature or circumstance, have a far more difficult time finding their way out of the darkness. While the holiday season can be a source of great joy to many, for those trapped in the darkness, this time of year can make them feel even more isolated and alone.

This holiday season, BE A LIGHT for someone wandering in the darkness. Be aware of those around you struggling to come out of the shadows and be released from their emotional burdens. Sometimes all it takes to crack the darkness is knowing that someone cares, and it can be life changing.


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