Sylvania family battling cancer in three generations


Cancer is the leading cause of death and the number of people it affects continues to rise. One Sylvania family is dealing with it right now. In fact, three generations are all fighting the good fight together.

Brooke Robbins is entering her senior year at Northview High School with stage four cancer. It’s a rare form of Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

But Brooke is not alone. Her mother has a brain tumor that she’s been fighting for the past few years and her grandmother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

Brooke said she started getting sick in May and antibiotics weren’t working. After further tests, Brooke said they found a big mass by her heart and in her pancreas.

“It is a little overwhelming cause you don’t think it’s going to happen to you when you’re a kid. You usually see that in adults or younger children,” Brooke said.

Her father Chad Robbins said having to watch his daughter go through cancer treatments is every parent’s worst nightmare.

“I can’t give her that time back. This is supposed to be a fun time. This is her last year being a kid. That’s hard to see as a parent,” Chad said. “Her strength is amazing and if it wasn’t for her positivity, I don’t know what I would do having to go through this again. “

Chad has had to watch his wife battle a brain tumor, but he thinks her fight helps give the family hope.

And while three different kinds of cancers have hit the Robbins family, they still think of others.

Source: Sylvania family battling cancer in three generations

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