Detroit teen goes from homeless to college student with mentors helping


DETROIT (WXYZ) – Her name is Myracle, and some people say what she has accomplished is miraculous.

Myracle Crosby came to school every day at Pershing High School in Detroit and learned as much as possible. After getting all As her freshman year, she made a decision.

“Okay, I am going to be valedictorian,” said Miracle.

But there were obstacles. Myracle’s family was often homeless. Many days seemed to be a struggle.

At one point the teen went to her high school principal, Shirley Brown. She told her she didn’t know if she could succeed.

“She told me everything is going to be okay. Just her believing in me made me push myself.”

Myracle then did it. She became her class valedictorian. Even that accomplishment didn’t leave her full of confidence. She hesitated to apply for a college scholarship.

“My school counselor, she sat there and was like, you are going to apply,” said Myracle.

She received a full-ride scholarship to Alcorn State University in Mississippi. She still didn’t know if she would be able to go. She didn’t have anything she would need, or a way to get there.
Pershing Alumni and school volunteer Ann Connally wouldn’t let her give up.

“Oh my God, she is like my Godmother,” said Myracle of Connally.

The alumni group, teachers, and Principal Brown threw her a graduation party and helped her get what she needs to start college life.

“We’re a part of that destiny for her and although there are obstacles…she is still going to have an opportunity,” said Brown.

“The sky is the limit for her and she can do anything she wants,” said Connally.

Connelly is making sure she has a ride to Alcorn State. Myracle is now making new goals. She says she wants to be a doctor.

“I am happy that I am about to go to college in a few days. I am taking that next step that no one in my family has done. I am happy.”

Source: Detroit teen goes from homeless to college student with mentors helping

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