8-YO and mom hand out supplies to Oakland’s homeless 

Eight-year-old A.J. Jackson is a little boy with a big heart, especially when it comes to homeless people.

“When I see them on the street I feel bad because they are on the street. They don’t have any shelter or food or water. I just wanted to help them,” said A.J.For the past few months, A.J., with the help of his mom, has been buying and collecting food, snacks, toiletries— even dog food, putting them in bags and handing them out at sidewalk encampments in Oakland.  He says he was a little afraid at first.

“I felt nervous because I hadn’t been around homeless people and I didn’t know what it was like,” he said.“What was it like?” we asked.”I don’t know what it is like, but it makes me happy inside,” said A.J.

Source: 8-YO and mom hand out supplies to Oakland’s homeless – Story | KTVU

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