Student company “Lakeside Leisure” giving back to charity 

In Patt Rutt’s marketing class, it’s all about thinking outside of the box. “They brainstorm product ideas, do market research to see which one to sell,” said Rutt. “They sell stock for start up capital, break into departments and sell sell sell!”

This Traverse City Central High School marketing class named their company “Lakeside Leisure” and is selling a unique blanket featuring a waterproof side. The students also get a chance to earn commission from their sales.

“I thought that it would be great for the experience, I also thought it would be great to get paid for a class,” said President of Lakeside Leisure Noah Trigaud. “The experience you get is hands on, it’s the real deal.”

Source: Student company “Lakeside Leisure” giving back to charity | WPBN

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