Giving breast cancer patients an added wellness boost

One year after beating breast cancer, Sue Weldon met a young woman who was about to begin treatment. The woman marveled at how healthy Weldon looked and apparently felt. Weldon said it was no accident: During treatment, she’d created her own healing plan, spending about $6,000 out-of-pocket on nontraditional treatments, including yoga and acupuncture.

The young woman started to cry, saying she could never afford such a program. That’s why Weldon founded Unite for HER in 2009. “HER” is an acronym for “Helping Empower and Restore.” The nonprofit organization partners with local hospitals to choose breast cancer patients who would benefit from a year of free wellness therapies and initiatives, including professional counseling, fitness memberships, nutrition and cooking lessons, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, and oncology massage.

“Our doctors do a tremendous job treating the cancer, but there are so many side effects and symptoms that come along with the drugs,” said Weldon, who lives in West Chester. “We wanted to create the integrated program promoting physical and emotional wellness that seemed to be missing.”

Source: Giving breast cancer patients an added wellness boost

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