Ed Sheeran Surprises 9-Year-Old Fan Who Spends Most Of Her Life In Hospital

Nine-year-old Melody Driscoll is such a big fan of Ed Sheeran, her family refers to him as her Prince Charming. She was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called Rett syndrome when she was born. Melody can’t walk or talk, though she understands everything. She’s spent about 80 percent of her life in hospital, undergoing over 40 operations. Doctors thought she would only live until the age of four, but Melody is due to turn 10 in December.


The British girl’s mother, Katrina Driscoll, who runs a Facebook page in her daughter’s name, said that despite the fact that Melody lives in chronic pain, she manages to smile every day. “She is a living miracle,” she wrote.

Now, the musician has made Melody’s dreams come true with a special performance at her hospital bedside in southeast England. And she can’t stop beaming.

The singer has made her smile ever since she first saw him performing “Thinking Out Loud” on TV in 2014. Melody’s parents and nurses put on videos of Sheeran singing when she is experiencing bouts of pain to help her cope, her mom said.

Source: Ed Sheeran Surprises 9-Year-Old Fan Who Spends Most Of Her Life In Hospital | The Huffington Post

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