What it’s like to have cancer while pregnant

For Sarah Mital, the welcome news a year and a half ago that she was pregnant was tempered by fears over a tiny lump in one of her breasts.

The Upper East Side resident was right to feel worried — she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer just two weeks after she found out she was expecting her first child.“It was scary,” Mital, a 35-year-old lawyer, tells The Post. “But I was sure that, no matter what, I was going to do everything I could to keep and have the baby.”

She saw Dr. Sharon Rosenbaum Smith, a breast-cancer surgeon at Mount Sinai West, who found cancer in both of Mital’s breasts and supervised her treatments, which included specially timed surgery and chemotherapy. Eight months ago, Mital became the cancer-free mother of an adorable little girl, Sasha.

Source: What it’s like to have cancer while pregnant | New York Post

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