25 Most Giving Cities in the U.S.

You appreciate the value of helping those less fortunate, preserving the environment, and improving the conditions of the world around you. That’s why we analyzed hundreds of thousands of social-media posts from across the country to determine America’s most charitable destinations. We scoured the web for posts using the hashtags #charity, #donate, and #volunteer to find out which cities talk about—and use—these charitable social-media signals the most. Based on what people said about their philanthropic activities, we compiled a list of helpful hamlets. From the most hashtag usage per capita to the least, we ranked the top 25 most generous towns.

You are genuinely a good person and don’t take your status in life for granted. As an expression of your gratitude, you prefer to give back and support others whenever possible. You don’t rely on the holiday spirit to put you in a charitable mood, and you certainly don’t need a specific community event to remind you to volunteer. Even during your well-deserved getaways from your daily grind, you feel a calling to contribute to positive efforts. So, when planning your next vacation, consider these like-minded charitable cities and maybe even lend a helping hand when you’re in town.

Source: 25 Most Giving Cities in the U.S. – Inspire

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