Shoppers give the gift of charity

It’s that time of year again to be shopping for Christmas gifts.  How does a one stop shop sound?  That’s what many did on Saturday at the 11th annual ‘Alternate Giving Fair’ at the Eastern Idaho Technical College in Idaho Falls.

Shoppers strolled through the ‘Alternate Giving Fair’ checking out 31 non-profit local charities.“It’s amazing actually.  There’s so many things out here in the community that a lot of people are not aware of and you know a lot of these are non-profit organizations  and they go out and they help everybody in the community,” says Levi Sermon, Idaho Falls.

After shoppers learn about the different charities and the services they provide, they are able to check off their favorite charities on a list and then make a donation in their name or someone else’s name for the holidays.  Shoppers say it makes a great Christmas gift to people on their list.

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