Man walks United States perimeter to raise money for homeless vets

Source: Fox 25

A Virginia man has spent more than two years walking around the country to raise money and awareness for homeless veterans in America.

Leroy Bailey, 54, started walking in Virginia Beach on June 30, 2014. So far he has traveled 10,000 miles around the perimeter of the United States.

“This is what God said, if I wanted to build hope centers around America I had to walk around America,” he said. “I want to build places where people feel like they have space, they have their identity, like they’re a human being.”

On Tuesday, he passed through Boston where FOX25’s Erica Ricci caught up to him to learn what the journey has meant to him.

“It’s ridiculous in this country that we care more about animals than we do people and it’s really ridiculous that we are more willing to take in refugees from other countries and house them but we don’t take care of people that serve this country it’s the saddest thing in the nation,” he said.

The journey hasn’t been easy for Bailey though.

“I’ve sprained my ankle, I’ve had stress fractures in both my feet, lost my backpack in San Francisco somebody stole it, I lost my wallet in Seattle had to wait there 10 days for my wife to mail me my new ID, broke my glasses,” he said.

Bailey said he’s gone through several pairs of sneakers so far on the journey, and has strict orders by his wife to be home by next month.

His goal is to get one-million people to donate $10 each month so a new hope center can be built every month.

You can visit Servants of God Ministries online to learn more about Bailey’s journey and make a donation.


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