Epilepsy won’t stop young Cornwall rowing star Bryony Lawrence’s dream of chasing Olympic gold

Source: West Briton / Rhod Mitchell

Truro teenage rower Bryony Lawrence, who has suffered from epilepsy since the age of five, has again shown on the international sporting stage  that she will not allow the condition to stop her ambition of following in the footsteps of Penzance’s golden girl Helen Glover and becoming an Olympic champion.

The 18-year-old has just returned home as a Junior World Championship finalist after narrowly missing out on a bronze medal by 0.04 second to the USA in the Junior World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam, where she was competing for Team GB in the Junior Women’s four.

Since being diagnosed with the condition, Bryony has experienced some tough times over the years, including numerous hospital visits and check-ups.

And some might say that rowing, due to it being water based, was not a sport that many suffering from this condition would chose to do.

Bryony Lawrence in her GB Rowing kit and in action in Rotterdam

However, Bryony said: “Having epilepsy should not define who you are. It is a condition that should not stop you from going out there and experiencing all kinds of sport.

“I was also once told that I would never make a good rower because I was too short.

“If I had listened to this, or allowed my condition to define mem I would not be achieving what I am now.

“If you have a dream and a passion don’t let anything or anyone put you off trying to achieve it. Be determined, work hard and have the belief in yourself that you can do whatever you put your mind to.


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