Lyft rider fundraising to support mom with cancer

Source: Fox News

A Los Angeles man who ordered a Lyft not only got a ride, but found a new friend in his driver, a single mother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Matthew Stevens is now fundraising to help her cover medical expenses.

Stevens, 28, ordered the Lyft car service a few weeks ago and sat in the front passenger seat, according to a post on his GoFundMe page. While he initially wasn’t interested in engaging in conversation, his driver, Lupe, made small talk and Stevens learned that Lupe has a 15-year-old son who has autism. Stevens has a half-brother who is autistic and the single mother shared her stories about her son’s accomplishments and challenges.

“She works at night as a Lyft driver so that she is able to spend her days with him,” Stevens wrote. “She teaches him anything and everything she can. Book smarts, street smarts, it doesn’t matter.”

Lupe shared that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had started chemotherapy, but remained hopeful, Stevens said. Stevens did not disclose the type of cancer Lupe was diagnosed with.

“She has every reason to hate the world, hate her life. She has every reason to give up – but she refuses and told me God has a plan for her, everything happens for a reason and it’s not up for her to understand,” Stevens wrote. “It’s up to her to be happy, positive, and move forward.”



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