Cancer survivor attempts record of longest solo journey around the U.S. in a canoe

Source: KCAU / Christina Grijalva

One man from Florida, with ties to Nebraska, is attempting a pretty big feat of endurance.

The longest solo journey in a canoe across the United States and he is currently making his way through Siouxland.

Aaron Carrota started his journey on June 30th and while he said he had a bit of a rocky start with weather, he will keep moving forward to complete the journey, all for a good cause.

“Some people call this a mid-life crisis, I call it a mid-life canoe crisis,” said Carotta.

Ponca State Park has many visitors throughout the year, however, it had one today float by with a purpose.

The canoer, Aaron Carotta, 38, is attempting to cross the U.S. down the length of the Missouri River, into the Mississippi River, for the longest solo journey in a canoe.

With 58 days down, Carotta, also known as, Adventure Aaron, has taken a minimalist approach for his journey.

“I’ve been living on a lot of dry stuff instant coffee, dried oatmeal and a gulp of water usually get’s it done, I also have a favorite chef whose been giving me some stuff, he’s an Italian chef his name is Boyardee,” said Carotta.

The current Guinness World Record is 3,400 miles.

Carotta is embarked on the journey to raise awareness and funds for an adoption foundation.

During his stops, Carotta will talk to people about the cause and he said people have really embraced what he is doing and vice-versa.

“Believe it or not, when you’re alone on this water for so long, isolation kicks in and just a simple conversation with somebody is something I’ve learned to really appreciate,” said Carotta.


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