Pair face the chop for charity

Source: Bury Free Press

Things got a little hairy when a Badwell Ash pair braved the barbers to donate a total of 18 inches of hair to The Little Princess Trust. 12-year-old Poppy Downing decided to have 10 inches chopped off her hair to support the charity, and as a support, her mother’s boyfriend John Mor, 39, decided to brave the shave donating a further eight inches.

He said: “Poppy had really long hair and she was a bit nervous about having it cut off so I said I’d do it too.

“She wanted to do it becaue both her grandmother and grandfather had cancer.”

The pair went for the chop at Crew Barbers where Julie Leathers-Day got the trimmers out ready to cut off Poppy’s straight locks before she shaved John’s curly hair off.

Julie said: “John came in wanting to shave his hair and it was so curly I knew we’d get a few wigs out of it. He had eight inches in the end.”

John said: “I was expecting tears but Poppy was really happy and excited to rock her new look.”

“She had 10 inches cut off and now has a lovely straight bob, and apparently they shaved enough hair off me to make three wigs!”



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